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Water Hero Saves the Day!

Posted by Monica Levy on Jul 24, 2018 4:20:17 PM

Most people would acknowledge that a water leak is not what you want in your home. However, most people tend to underplay the severity of a water leak until it happens to them. Water leaks are usually unexpected, and can be extremely damaging to not only the foundation of your home, but also to your personal belongings, many times costing over $30K in damage and taking a few months or more to repair.

Keep reading to learn more about how Water Hero helped save the day for these homeowners!


Ariel had experienced water damage before. On three separate occasions, his house has flooded. To make matters worse, all the floods have been while he was away from home. Unable to do anything about the leaks, Ariel ended up paying thousands of dollars in damage and being kicked out of his home for months. Had he been home and been notified of a potential water leak or flood, he could have saved a lot of money.

After all those incidents, Ariel became more worried about water damage so he invested in a leak detection system, Water Hero.

Soon after, Ariel was faced with another water issue in his home, a broken toilet valve. Unfortunately for Ariel, the toilet valve broke while he was asleep. This meant that he couldn’t have identified the issue until the next morning, when damage was most likely already done.

Thankfully, Ariel had Water Hero in place. Water Hero notified him of irregular water flow while he was sleeping and automatically shut off the water before significant damage occurred. Both the automatic and manual shut off feature, along with real time alerts Water Hero provides, gives Ariel the peace of mind he needs while on vacation. Thanks to Water Hero, Ariel has not suffered from any significant water damage.

John M.

John learned about Water Hero after his neighbor had a large and damaging water leak in their home and had purchased a system. John, however, was more concerned with water he used surrounding his house as part of his home’s sprinkler system. Having irregularities and broken sprinkler heads in the past, especially when no one was home, prompted John to install Water Hero.

After only three days, John was notified of irregular water usage. These anomalies in consumption prompted John to further inspect his sprinkler system. Upon inspection, John discovered that a sprinkler head was going off every three days unnecessarily. This meant that over 1,500 gallons of water were being wasted every week.

Had John not had Water Hero to detect an issue in the amount of water his sprinklers were using, John would have continued to spend a lot more on his water bill. Water Hero’s technology was able to result in a return on investment of three months for John.

How Water Hero Can Help

Water Hero provides alerts and/or shut-off through your mobile device or computer when water is irregular to avoid catastrophic leaks that destroy your home or non-damaging leaks that drive up your water bill. The user can preset thresholds for characteristics such as temperature and water flow rates, to avoid false positives and make the system totally user configurable.


Key Features

  • Automatic and Remote Shut Off
    • When a certain threshold is reached, a user can either manually shut off their water, or they can program the app to automatically shut the water off.
  • Back-Up Battery
    • Water Hero contains battery power and can continue to function during a power outage by using the users last saved settings.
  • Measure Water Usage
    • Water Hero can help you track real time water consumption and save you money on your water bill.

To learn more about the benefits of Water Hero and how it can help save your home from damaging water leaks, please visit www.waterheroinc.com.

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