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Leaks in Your Toilet Supply Line and How to Address Them

Posted by Nicole Platt on Feb 7, 2018 9:22:59 AM


Leaks in or around your toilet are often hard to detect and can cause damage that may not be immediately visible. Leaks in or around a toilet supply line can be coming from the tube itself or from around the fittings. It’s important to identify where a leak may be coming from to prevent damage to your bathroom and unnecessary charges on your bill.

Supply lines don’t last forever. If you have a leak coming from the supply line itself, such as holes or cracks in the tube, you will need to replace the hardware.

If you have a leak coming from the fittings, it’s likely you either need to tighten or replace the fittings themselves.

If you’ve tightened the fittings and it’s still leaking, check your washers. After shutting the water off, remove the entire line from the supply and toilet. Remove the washers on either end, add new ones, and reattach the line.

If you’ve replaced the washers and it’s still leaking, you may have worn treads on the fitting and can fix this with plumber’s tape. Shutoff the water, remove the supply line, and add plumber’s tape around the treads to prevent small spaces where water can escape.

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Because leaks from the supply line can sometimes be miniscule and hard to detect, you may be paying a large, avoidable sum on your water bill every year without even realizing there’s an issue. Constant moisture around your toilet can also cause other issues in your bathroom such as damage to flooring, cabinets, or the growth of mold and bacteria. In the long run, this could cause hundreds of dollars more in damages if wood or tiling needs to be replaced instead of the tube or washers of your supply line.


It’s important to regularly check the hardware in your home to ensure that you’re not falling victim to small leaks that cause large bills. However, realizing a spike in your bill after months will have already cost you unnecessarily damages.

Installing a leak detection system will help monitor your water usage and identify if there are areas in your home that are constantly producing water. These systems will automatically shutoff your water supply and alert you that there may be an issue that needs addressing. Not only can these systems identify smaller leaks such as those from a toilet supply line, but also can help prevent damage from catastrophic floods.

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