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A Guide to Dealing with Small Apartment Leaks

Posted by Monica Levy on Jul 24, 2018 4:19:56 PM

Leaks are some of the most frequently occurring, yet troublesome problems homeowners face. Water leaks can be even more troublesome and difficult to address when you're a renter. Keep reading to make sure you know what to do when faced with a small apartment leak!

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What To Do When You Have a Water Leak

Posted by Monica Levy on Jun 6, 2018 2:36:23 PM

When your home is faced with water damage, it is easy to become overwhelmed. Your initial stress will probably result from the fact that your pipe just burst and your basement is flooding, or that your faucet has been leaking for weeks without your knowledge and you can’t possibly wrap your head around how you didn’t notice. After that initial stress sinks in, further stress arrives around damage control, as you scramble around your house trying to reduce the harm currently being done to your home. While a million different thoughts are running around in your head, it can be difficult to focus on what you should be doing. In order to know what you should be doing, it is important to identify what type of water leak you have.

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How to Prevent and Thaw Frozen Pipes

Posted by Nicole Platt on Apr 26, 2018 4:46:35 PM

The winter months can bring about harsh conditions that may cause damage to your home. Colder than usual temperatures can lead to water in your plumbing freezing, causing damage to the pipes. A frozen pipe may burst, leaving your home with thousands of dollars in water damage. Read below on steps you can take to prevent damage from frozen pipes in your home.

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Water Hero Systems Stop Leaks in Minutes Not Months

Posted by Dan Sterling on Jan 22, 2018 9:54:32 PM

You’ve gotten water bills for years – they come like clockwork, every month or quarter, at higher and higher rates.  Water Hero was developed to help you control and manage that water bill with real time data and analytics.  We’re doing this in two different ways:

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Water Hero Saves Home from Burst Pipe

Posted by Dan Sterling on Jan 2, 2018 4:35:47 PM

On October 9th, 2017 at 10PM, a pipe burst in the ceiling of a doctor’s home in a small town on Staten Island while he was about to go away for the weekend.  We know this is typical - 1 in 55 homes have a severe water leak each year in the United States, and this one had the potential to cause over $100,000 worth of damage. 

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